Mountainous Burritos!


1 red onion - sliced into rounds

1 carrot - grated

3 tomatoes - cut into rounds

1/2 lettuce - washed & dried

1 corn on the cob - slice the kernels off

1 avocado - sliced into lengths

1 red capsicum - sliced long ways as much as possible

1 can kidney beans - drained and rinsed

1 can lentils - drained and rinsed

70 to 100ml sweet chilli sauce (or more if you're daring!)

Mountain bread



Fry onion in a little oil until clear, add carrot, corn & capsicum and mix in the sweet chilli sauce heat stirring slowly for a couple of minutes, add the beans and stir gently until heated through. 

In the meantime if you're super efficient! You can lay out the mountain bread and cover each piece with spinach first, then lettuce. 

Then spoon heated mixture atop the lettuce, top with avocado, roll them up. Dinner! 

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