About Us

Welcome to ORGANIC ORIGINS delivering a healthy future

Here's a little bit about us. We provide Certified Organic produce, whole foods and products and provide delivery through-out Melbourne that is super fresh, best quality, fast and competitively priced. Our mission is to have as many people as possible eating and using Certified Organics - For their health and the health of our beautiful planet Earth. We know we share this ethos with many and seek to advance the organic industry with our efforts. That is our pledge. We hope you will join us in this endeavour by using organic produce and product, even if for some crazy reason you don’t buy it from us!

Josh Aitken - Organic Foodie


"I have been involved in retail organics for over a decade. With experience in all aspects of the trade, I am the buyer at the Wholesale Footscray Markets in the wee hours of the mornings, opening time is 3am! I select only the finest, freshest produce available and have a keen eye for the highest quality. I have a particular interest in what we call customer care and hope that you will feel that when you are dealing with me or any of our team."

"My aim is to save people time and energy when it comes to purchasing organics, to give people the benefits of the amazing quality and taste of organic food in Australia. My hope is that once people have experienced the goodness of organic food, they wouldn’t want to go back to eating food contaminated and altered by chemicals and pesticides and genetic modification. My experience in the industry incorporates well established relationships with like minded ‘greenies’ including all the wholesalers at the Markets, which helps with access to the best produce as we work together to give health through nourishing top quality produce. So, go ahead and enjoy the savings on your time, energy and your contribution to climate change!”

Liane Hensell - Organic Vegan Foodie 

"I have been passionate about contributing in a positive way for many years. Working in the organic food industry aligns with this goal. Plus, I love food! I am a passionate vegan foodie and insist on the best and freshest organic fruits and vegetables. Luckily I have Josh at the market getting all the best! My background is almost two decades in business management and the associated knowledge and experience adds value and potential to www.organicorigins.com.au and now the new kid on the block www.organicfare.com.au providing great plant based recipes that are easy and delicious all provided in one meal in a bag for you to prepare and enjoy. 

It's my passion for making a difference that inspires me and hopefully inspires others to eat whole foods as nature intended and live for the best in health for ourselves, each other and our beautiful planet."

"Josh and I have worked some long hours and had to dig deep on many occasions but we have successfully made it through that challenging 5 year mark and it's great to see so much of our new business coming in as referrals. It really shows us that our level of commitment to impress our customers with fresh A grade quality & our awesome customer care helping us to grow. We are excited to move into our sixth year now, still growing and still working hard to be the best organic home delivery company in Melbourne!"  


Kara, Lauren, Liane, Josh, Amelia & Bronte at our Christmas get together 2014

2016 Lauren, Amelia, Josh, Liane, Adua, Bronte & Zahava.

2017 Here we are again! Amelia, Josh, Lauren, Bronte, Liane and Zahava.