We feel humbled to be able to assist so many at this time to stay safe at home and to be able to eat beautiful fresh organics. We've been overwhelmed (at times) with how many orders that are coming in. Please know we're doing our very best to source, buy, pack and deliver to you.  We're grateful that you've chosen us and hope that you love receiving your orders from us and will feel the care that's gone into each order and also that you'll stay with us for the long term too! 

We may need to cut off orders before the actual cut off each week as we reach our limit and this will be posted on the front page of the site. 

Recurring Order Subscriptions are our priority as are our customers from 'before' and both can be assured of the very best we have with every order. Feel free to email we're here to help! 

You can adjust your order each week or fortnight by logging in to Your Account, and then to Manage Subscription. There's a good selection of Mixed Boxes, along with Fresh Herbs, Pantry and Fridge items. You can use the Notes to let us know your preferences likes/dislikes for your boxes when you first order. After that you can email for your order to be updated either permanently or week to week is also fine.  We like to make your box the way you like it best we can. 

Please make sure your credit card is up to date as failed payment may actually mean we won't be organised to pack your order for you. 

Hygiene is a high priority for us as we work to pack your orders and we're all working to keep ourselves and you safe, with plenty of hand washing and physical distancing as we pack. Our team are all working at staying at home unless they're packing for you so we can all stay healthy and continue working. 

We're doing no contact delivery, basically 'knock and drop' and for the time being we’re not taking back used boxes. However, we'll be very happy to collect them and reuse them in the future. 

Prices on fruit and veggies and grocery items have increased quite a bit which means the box guide list for the week may change in order for us to be able to give the best value depending on what's great at the market. This will make the boxes truly more seasonal! 

Thank you for thinking of others when ordering and only buying what you can use.  Over ordering limits availability for others. 

Take good care of you and yours, stay safe, stay well. We look forward to being of assistance.