Groovy Smoothie Box

Certified Organic

Avocado x 2

Baby Spinach 200g

Bananas x 2kg

Kale x 1 

Kiwifruit x 3

Silverbeet x 1 

Spinach Bunch x 1

Pure Harvest Oat Milk x 1 

Pure Harvest Rice Milk x 1 


2 x Pure Harvest Plant Milks, feel free to let us know your preference in the Notes Box as you go through Checkout - or leave it up to us to choose for you :) 

If you prefer to have more or less of anything listed here, just make a note to us in the Notes Box so we can make it up how you like.

This is a list of what's currently available, the mixed boxes we put together are made up fresh for each delivery and change according the best available quality and pricing so we can keep the boxes varied, interesting and the best and freshest! 

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