Milk - Pure Harvest Oat Milk 1 litre

Certified Organic

Long life milk can be used for cooking, the same way you would use fresh milk, but the advantage about cooking with long life milk is that it is already at room temperature, which as foodies might know, is a real positive when baking! The best thing about long life milk is that it can be kept unopened in the pantry for up to six months, which means no more unexpected trips to the supermarket. Once opened, UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) milk must be refrigerated and used within seven days.

A low fat,  non dairy milk alternative, added calcium, lactose free, no added sugar. Source of calcium, phytoestrogens, dietary fibre and protein. It is free from lactose, artificial colours and flavours, cholesterol and preservatives.

Australian Made and Owned
Cholesterol Free
GMO Free
No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Flavours
Certified Organic


Pure Harvest Oat Milk - 1 Litre - Ingredients: Organic whole oats, filtered water, organic sunflower oil and a pinch of sea salt.

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