Juicy Box

Certified Organic

Seasonal fruit and veg for super healthy and delicious juices! 

Make a fresh juice to start each day or simply for a super snack for energy and satisfaction a fresh juice is sure to refresh and revitalise! 

Juicing Apples 2kg

Juicing Carrots 2kg

Beetroot x 3

Celery x 1/2

Cucumber x 4

Fennel Bunch x 1 

Fresh Mint x 1

Ginger x 50g

Kale x 1 

Lemons x 1

Lime x 1

Oranges x 3kg

Spinach Bunch x 1

Watermelon x 1 - 1.5kg

If you prefer to have more or less of anything listed here, just make a note to us in the Notes Box so we can make it up how you like.

This list is a guide as the box may contain a slightly different variety depending on weather, farmers, market, availability, best quality, food miles... we do our best! 100% Certified Organic.

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