Jam - Sunny Creek Jams 310g

Certified Organic

Sunny Creek Organic jams and preserves are made the old fashioned way with fruit and sugar and without additional preservatives, setting agents, artificial colours or flavours. (Fruit contains natural pectin which helps the jam set and is the reason that some flavours are more runny than others.) Sunny Creek Organic jams and preserves are certified by NASAA and are lovingly handmade using the highest quality organic ingredients.

Apricot Jam 300g
Ingredients:Certified Organic apricots, certified organic sugar.

Cocktail Berry Jam 300g
Ingredients:Certified Organic red and purple raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and apricot, certified organic sugar. No two jars the same! 

Raspberry Jam 300g
Ingredients: Certified organic raspberries, certified organic sugar

Strawberry Jam 300g
Ingredients: Certified organic Strawberries, certified organic sugar

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