Extra Large Mixed Box

Certified Organic

This box is designed for 3+ people, families or for those who really eat lots of fruit and veggies! 

Delicious Certified Organic Fresh Seasonal Fruits & Veggies Box Guide

Apples x 1.5kg

Avocado x 1

Bananas x 1kg

Broccoli or Broccolini Bunches 400g-500g

Carrots x 500g

Cauliflower x 1 small

Cucumber x 2

Garlic x 1 bulb

Lime x 1

Lettuce or Baby Salad x 2

Mango x 2

Onions Brown x 2

Onion Red x 1

Nectarines x 3

Potatoes x 1kg

Spinach Bunch or Baby Spinach Bag x 1

Tomatoes x 3

Watermelon x 1-1.5kg

Zucchini x 2

We work to keep it interesting without going too weird! So changes are made each week to offer new items that you might not have tried before as well as including all your favourites which we vary from week to week, but always work to include the weekly staples of carrots, potatoes, green leafy veg and apples and bananas and oranges. 

If you prefer to have more or less of anything listed here, we're happy to customise your box, just make a note to us in the Notes Box so we can make it up how you like.

This list is a guide as the box may contain a slightly different variety depending on weather, farmers, market, availability, best quality, food miles... we do our best! 100% Certified Organic.

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