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Information about Organic LIving and it’s benefits :)

Organic is the way in which plants and plant materials are grown and/or processed. It refers to stringent standards and regulations that ensure that no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, growth regulators or herbicides are used; that the plants and/or plant materials used are not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs); and that the environment and animal welfare are respected.
Biodynamic standards are even more stringent, in that Biodynamic farmers rely on special plant, animal and mineral preparations and the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars.
Certified Organic/Biodynamic means that the buyer of any organic produce or product can be assured that the above standards have been met. There are seven Accredited Organic Certifiers in Australia. To be sure you are buying organic, just check the logo!

Accredited organic certifiers:
Australian Certified Organic (ACO) -
The National Association For Sustainable Agriculture Australia Ltd (NASAA) -
Organic Growers Of Australia (OGA) -
Organic Food Chain (OFC) -
Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) -
Safe Food Queensland (SFQ) -
Tasmanian Organic Association (T.O.P) - Ph: 03 6266 0330

Why Organics?

Where do we start!!!

The short answer...

Certified organic and biodynamic products are produced with land management practices that prohibit use of artificial fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, growth regulators, antibiotics, hormone stimulants or intensive livestock systems. We believe this has a two fold benefit; Firstly it’s better for you and yours to be eating food untarnished with all the above and Secondly it’s better for the environment.

For vibrant health choose ORGANIC ORIGINS every time!

The long answer...

What does it mean to be Certified Organic?

The following must all be adhered to:

So now if you didn’t know already, now you know that Certified Organic means, NO chemical additives, NO herbicides, NO pesticides and NO GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

But, did you also know this? Eating organically effects:

You! - People who eat organically are one of the healthiest segments of our population. You’ll feel great too!

Our future generations - The choices we make regarding what to feed our children affect their health, did you know that the average child in Australia receives exposure to at least eight widely used cancer causing pesticides in food? Not only do we protect and provide health to our children, we also model a way of living that is responsible and sustainable for their children too.

Water - It’s a known fact, pesticides contaminate water. Water is the lifeblood of humanity, we simply can’t live with-out it. It makes up two-thirds of our bodies and covers over two-thirds of the earth. Organic farming enables our water to stay fresh, clean and safe.

Soil - Yes, our soil is negatively impacted by modern farming methods, depleted and devoid of once naturally provided nutrients, through over intensive practices and the addition of synthetic fertilisers. Farmers are left with adding more and more chemicals in order to support soil to grow our food. Organic farming uses green manuring and crop covers instead of synthetic fertilisers to support soil. Organic farming is a closed system of levelling, mulching, rotation and natural organic nutrients to support soil to grow robust crops without the after effects or the depletion caused by tampering with natures own perfect balance with synthetics. Furthermore organic growers as a pre-requisite for certification, must provide design and maintenance plans for water application and drainage systems, ensuring control over any erosion potential.

Aussie Farmers - When you choose to purchase Certified Organic produce, your dollar supports the organic farmers (a small but growing passionate number of people who are operating their farms in integrity with the earth). Your support encourages other farmers to go organic, protecting themselves and future generations of farmers from being one of industries with the highest incidences of occupational illness. These good people who farm organically make it so there is no pay back later calculation required. The food is grown naturally without the use of harmful chemicals and sprays that infect and block our air, our earth and our waterways and oceans going on to impact us and our environment in unseen and untold ways. On the flip side, every time you choose organic or inspire someone else to it helps in an in untold ripple effect.

Energy - Organic farming is based on intensive labour practices like hand weeding and hand removing of pests. Reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources. This is a vast contrast to the modern farm using petroleum. Modern farming uses more petroleum than any other single industry in Australia.

Be chemical and additive free - Many pesticides were approved before research linked them to cancer. Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides and additives are linked to all kinds of ill health and cancers, associated with adverse effects such as asthma, headaches, rashes, and hyperactivity, they also impact on our nerves, genes and unborn children. Eating organic keeps them off your plate and out of your body. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll be no demand even for their production, after all humanity managed with-out them for quite a long time :)

Food miles - Eating organically encourages eating in season and in this way the food miles are minimised. Almost all our fresh produce is sourced from Victoria, some of the more tropical foods come from Queensland and occasionally our kiwifruit come from New Zealand. We always endeavour to buy produce that has travelled the least amount from paddock to plate. This goes for our entire product line as well which is sourced entirely from Australia and some things from New Zealand.

Animal Welfare - Organic production of animal products is also improved, with animals living antibiotic and growth hormone free in better conditions.

True Economy - The growth of the organics industry, the more we eat and live this way the more economical it becomes. The true economy is the disappearance of the need for vast sums of money to be spent cleaning up the mess created by synthetic food production. By adding further pressure on our depleted and dying lands, pollution in our air, water ways and oceans.

Note: There is more to contend with than this segment of environmental health but as we work in that direction we are heartened by the growing numbers of caring responsible individuals. We serve you in gratitude for your decision to care for your own health and wellness, for others and for our Earth.


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