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We have a divine selection for you from Blossom’s Organics. Whilst they are not certified organic, they are made with certified organic herbs and spices and Blossom is hoping to get certified in the future! Still, they are a wonderful aromatic addition to any kitchen and may we recommend most highly the Moroccan Blend!

These products are organically grown and have intense flavour. Keep air tight to retain freshness - Remember - A little goes a long way!

This selection has No Salt, apart from the Dukkah and are entirely Gluten Free too.

No additives or preservatives of course.

These packets are generously sized and the packets are larger than they appear in the pictures. For example the Chai Blend packet is as large as my hand!

Chai Blend 100gm - All you need to do is add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Blossom’s Chai Tea Blend per cup of water and milk or soymilk (your preference). Bring to near boiling point and simmer for a couple minutes to release fragrances.

Barbeque Spice 80gm -  As well as using Blossom Organics Barbeque Blend on various meats, it can be used to flavour casseroles, burgers, vegetables, seafood, soups, and wherever your imagination might take you.

Dukkah 120gm -  Great for dipping breads into olive oils with balsamic vinegar. Or try it sprinkled onto sandwiches and salads or add crumbs for battering.

Kerala Blend 100gm - This inviting curry can be used on any meats or veggies but is particularly wonderful with fish, chicken & vegetables.

Italian Blend 80gm -  Sprinkle onto pizza, add to your pasta sauces or start a sauce from scratch, either way you will add a new depth with this blend.

Madras Blend Mild 100gm -  Exquisite flavours of herbs and spices. Mild for those who don’t like their curry too hot.

Moroccan Blend 100gm - Wonderful for Tagine Cooking or Slow Cookers. You only need a tablespoon or so. Mmmmm. Made with 16 ingredients giving a depth and different levels of spice, herbs and floral flavours.

Rajastan Curry Blend 80gm -  A curry blend with No Chilli – but very aromatic and flavoursome! For Chicken, Seafood, Lamb, Beef, and/or your favourite Mixed Vegetables (Pumpkin/Carrots/Beans/Potatoes/etc).

Savoury Sprinkle Seeds 150gm - Brings a new dimension to a green salad. Sprinkle on any meal - cooked seafood especially Salmon, baked potatoes, tofu or vegetables. Great in Sandwiches. So versatile!

Basil 25gm, Black Pepper 100gm, Cayenne powder 100gm, Chilli Flakes 100gm, Chilli powder 100gm, Cumin powder 100gm, Garlic 40gm, Oregano 25gm, Rosemary 25gm, Sweet Paprika Powder 100gm, Thyme 25gm, Turmeric Powder 100gm

Remember, a little goes a long way!

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