Cauliflower is wonderful

Cauliflower: Everything You Need To Know About The Wonder Vegetable


When you turn to natural diet remedies for calming inflammation, or repair a leaky gut, the lack of many options can be quite frustrating. But surprisingly, there are many benefits you can reap from the humble cauliflower.

On the surface, the cauliflower doesn’t leave much of a great impression. It has a bland and pale appearance and an unpleasant smell when steamed.

Cauliflower is a chameleon, with the remarkable ability to suit a variety of dishes by blending well with the flavour of whatever it is cooked with (feeling inspired? We’ve got you!)

Cauliflower conveniently stores very well and can wait patiently for you in the refrigerator for weeks.

As well as this, preparing it is a breeze.

The wellbeing experts at Wellbeing Health Retreats believe in the benefits of eating a well rounded diet. They say; “health is achieved from the inside out. You need to fuel your body with the right ingredients to achieve optimum health. Think vegetables rich in restorative vitamins.”


Health benefits


To quote Mark Twain; “cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.” Indeed, the cauliflower is the cabbage’s accomplished cousin, as it is a disease-fighting brassica like kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.


Cauliflower boasts an impressive list of benefits, such as;



Cauliflower doesn’t just have ample nutritious cancer-preventative phytochemicals; it’s also rich in goitrogens - compounds that play a role in the suppression of thyroid function.


Sadly, cooking reduces many of these properties, and like many other brassicas, the cauliflower is excellent for people with low thyroid activity when consumed properly; that is, not taken in large quantities or juiced.


It is highly recommended that more sensitive thyroid patients should keep track of the effects of brassicas on their thyroid health. But for the average person, the health benefits of cauliflower have the edge over any effects of goitrogens.


The health care professionals at Expect Me ask you to care more about your diet this year. They say; “expect more from yourself this year. Expect to eat better, to feel better. It’s about creating good habits, building sustainable structures.”


How To Prepare Cauliflower




Are you wondering how exactly you can enjoy your cauliflower? Well, there are a variety of ways to get the most out of cauliflower to suit all diets.


Below is a look at a few ways one can enjoy cauliflower:







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Written by: Tony Weldon

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