Organic Skincare

According to a survey carried out by the Franco-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Australian beauty sector is once again on an upward trend, owing both to rising consumer morale and a larger disposable income. Top holistic and organic skincare brands are particularly good sellers, with millennial shoppers taking into account considerations such as environmental sustainability, fairness, and health into account when selecting the products they apply to skin.


Buyers are savvier than ever, looking as much into types of packaging used, in addition to contents. Some products are using organic food grade ingredients to rejuvenate and heal skin, without resorting to synthetic preservatives and other chemicals.


The rising popularity of organics can be attributed largely to the quality of organic varieties of everything from produce to makeup and skincare. Buyers in the 21st century are looking to quality and sustainability as core values that determine where they will spend their buck. Health is another big selling point when it comes to choosing fresh, organic foods over conventionally grown and processed items.

Written by Jenni Cook

Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

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