Mango Poem

Summer Mangos!

Summer mangos, jungle joys
A perfect food for girls and boys
With cherries and some seedless-grapes
I just ate two, much like the apes

The peels slide off like silken sleeves
And what a gift that one receives
The sweet, delicious, golden juice
The gods must favor, I deduce

Summer mangos for my lunch
What fruity madness...munch, munch, munch!

Where have you been all of my life
Apparently the season's rife

With the goodness that you proffer
I, indeed, accept your offer
For, you are never hard to find
You're beauty simply blows my mind!

Summer mangos,  yummy treat
Such delectation while I eat
I swear, I could have ten a day
Now,  there’s a fast designed for Fae!

The vendors on the New York streets
Bless me with these luscious meats
So, take a bite and feel the sun
Rejoice that summer’s just begun!

Summer mangos, I won’t neglect
The pleasure that you do effect
Would it be a tad dramatic
If I say I feel ecstatic?

You came into my life so late
Golly, geeeze…I think  you’re  great!
Why were we not so close before?
I must research your native lore

Summer mangos, tasty friends
That help my body sing and cleanse
I dedicate this verse to you
Deservingly, it is your due!

Oh mangos, please accept my art
I praise you with a loving heart
But, don’t be jealous if I try a
Tempting, lush, and fair papaya…

by T van Joolen

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