Josh's poem...

 Market morning

The origins of it all

In more ways than it may seem

Did you hear the call?

I heard it well.

Loud and clear, as I stumble then fall

To then rise well before the next door

For asleep they will be,

Unbeknown to my mission

As I am to me.

Its dark, a van awaits,

I board her beauty.

In reverse I go forth

Entering the mystery I dive

To gently expose the secrets in my drive

To the markets I command

Where it’s crazy and weird

I grab and select

Smell and I feed

On a twilight plane of chaos and fun

I ride the mind of my own

I am now one.

Well gathered I can load

Beyond this frenzy I now go.

Through city lights I journey at leisure

Passing the many kitchens yet

to be blessed by my treasure.

Our sun now rises to warm a sleepy soul

An awakening is near

For the shed calling is what can I hear

On and up the last path

A mumma and her joey.

And awaiting my return,

A wonderful Zoe.

An angel from a somewhere

That supports a greater world.

Market mission complete

Phase two shall begin

And at six fifteen our magpies sing

Tired and relieved yet still a little weary

I rise to the glory and the smell of hot coffee.

A simple magic bean

Organic as it can be

For I happily declare this day is now born

Organic Origins is well blessed

By the light of this dawn

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