Victorian Government on Organics

A publishing by the Victorian Government regarding the Organics Industry in Victoria

Victoria is Australia’s leading organic state – home to around one in four of the country’s certified producers.

The organic sector is the world’s fastest growing food category, expanding by 30 per cent each year.

In Australia, the retail value of organic products has reached more than $620 million. Worldwide, the organic sector is expanding by 30 per cent each year and is worth US$43 billion.

Victoria produces organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat (beef, lamb, pork and poultry), wine grapes and grains. We are Australia’s leading producer of organic milk and the leading organic food processor, particularly of dairy products, fruit juices, flour and flour mixes.

This produce is in high demand, particularly in Japan, South East Asia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States and Europe. Cereals and other processed products such as juices, meat products, wine and spices are the biggest exports.

Pretty cool huh! Great to see that a real trend towards a healthier life for us all is in motion! Plus, we're all part of it too!! Congratulations!

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