Recurring Boxes

We want to reward all our customers who commit to a recurring order by offering a DOUBLE BONUS! Yes! This is what you get for every recurring order over $100. So just click the box for either a weekly or fortnightly delivery and we will pop into each order not just one, but two deliciously free bonuses for you to enjoy. Now that’s smart shopping!

Terms of Engagement:

First you have to click the box! Just click on the link below.

Then we’ll give you a call to set up when you want deliveries, weekly or fortnightly and what day of the week too.

After that you can go online and edit your recurring order anytime, so you can always get exactly what you want, I mean after all, that is what we’re all about!

If you don’t make any changes or run out of time to order (as if, ha ha) we will still deliver the same order on your expected date! Phew.

And of course... if you want to email or phone about your order, we are always available to assist :)