Why Juice?

Making fresh juice is an important tool for achieving good health.

Juicing offers many life-enhancing health benefits including a faster, more efficient way to absorb immune boosting nutrients naturally found in fruits and vegetables.  It provides a way to access digestive enzymes typically locked away in the fibre matrix of whole fruits and vegetables.  Most commercial juices are processed and lacking in nutrition while freshly juiced fruits and vegetables are loaded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

How does it work? Juicing removes the insoluble fibre from vegetables and fruits. While fibre is an established, important part of an overall healthy diet, removing the insoluble fibre allows for increased absorption of specific health promoting phytonutrients including enzymes, while the soluble fibre persists into the juice.  By removing the fibre and consuming fruits and vegetables in liquid form, we are providing a nutrient delivery system to our bodies that allows individuals who would otherwise have difficulty consuming whole vegetables, the opportunity to reap the numerous benefits fruits & vegetables have to offer.

Blending (the kind of juicing when the pulp remains) contains both the insoluble and the soluble fibres, making it a great way to get your fibre and also provides a more sustained slower energy boost, more filling and uses a lot less produce. So either way and preferable both ways - juicing for health is a great way to provide your body with nutritionally dense vitamins & minerals. 

Go for it! 

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Here's a few recipes to try as well :)

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