Christmas Break!

We are gearing up for our last week working for 2011. We want to thank everyone who has been part of a big year for us; so many people have been so generous in helping us to get going. We are deeply grateful for our ‘shed’, for our beautiful morning tea cakes, and to the people who have given us their time, expertise and on occasion building materials! Thanks too go to our suppliers, an expanding group of people working to promote healthier living and sustainable practise for the land. And... thanks to the businesses we have linked to as a way of supporting each other to grow.  Thank you all! 

Mostly the bulk of our gratitude goes to our customers and especially to those who share their positivity with others and refer their friends and family. THANKS! 

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and wish everyone a Fabulous Year for 2012. We are continuing to work right up until December 23rd and will be making our first deliveries starting January 12th 2012. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Organic Origins!

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