Wash day

Washing your clothes 

I recently had a conversation with someone about cleaning and the environment, my slant is generally more for the environment than for my personal health. But it is an interesting tandem that the things that are better for us are often the things that are better for our environment. Cleaning is a shining example of this parallel and this week I just wanted to share a few tips for washing clothes.

  • Whenever possible, dry your washing on the line. You’ll conserve energy and your clothes will last longer.
  • Use cold water. It’s more efficient than using hot water, plus your colours will last longer in cold water.
  • Think of your clothing as a second skin, one that rubs against you all day long; If you wouldn’t wash your body with it, you might not want to wash your clothing in it either.
  • Use more concentrated detergent, it’s less wasteful regarding containers and it saves water too. Each year over 1500 million litres are used to dilute laundry detergents! Crazy.
  • Chorine bleach is registered as a pesticide.
  • Look for products with refillable containers.
  • Garden safe & septic safe, will mean - either low phosphate or phosphate free, no chlorine, biodegradable, not poisonous, low salinity and moderate PH level.
  • Buy Australian made.
Well, that’s it for this week, have a great week and catch up next time...


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