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July 17, 2015

 7 tips to get you started on a cleansing detox

1. Lose the alcohol and tobacco and coffee - oh no!! 
2. Lose the sugar and white flour.
3. Lose the meat and all processed foods. Stick to "whole foods" -- foods that don't have labels, like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. 
4. Add lots of fibre. Plenty of organic fruits and veggies. 
5. Add lots of water and natural juices. Coconut water is great.  Plenty of liquids are key to any successful detox.
6. Add some gentle exercise, daily yoga or walk for 20-30 minutes.
7. Get rest and meditate! Go for 8 hours of sleep and maybe some simple meditation.
8. Get yourself our new box reintroducing our Detox Box :) Complete with all you need to make juices, soups & eat fresh organic fruit & vegetables to support & nourish your body as it cleanses.  Well, you knew we'd have something! 
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