Call it coincidence, fate, destiny, a sign, whatever – I’m a real organic winner.

Three days after writing my post about getting on the healthy bandwagon and pledging to order my first Organic Origins box on payday (which is today! yay!), I got a phone call from my friend telling me to check my email. I had won Organic Origin‘s Nourish Melbourne draw for a mixed box of organic fruit and veggies valued at $100! OMFGHAIUGHYUILH!!

Now before you say ‘yeah sure whatevs they saw your blog post and thought they could get a free review by giving you free food.’ NO! Stop your naughty skepticism: the name on this article is not the same name I gave in the draw. (I’d like to thank anxiety, depression and paranoia for the internet pseudonym. Even though it’s a pretty cool pseudonym). This blog is for me, to help me work through my love/hate relationship with food and hopefully help someone else while doing so. Organic Origins didn’t know I wrote that post, they didn’t know of my plans to try a box this week, and they don’t know I’m writing this article now, though I’m sure they will read it at some point! :) (Hi!)

But here we are, I got a free box of organic food from local farmers, and WOW I am impressed. Just look at it:

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