A few keeping warm foodie tips!

Stay warm!

  1. Choose seasonal fruits & vegetables – Winter produce such as pumpkin, cabbage, broccoli and kale have more hearty flavours and apples, oranges and bananas are satisfying and resonate with what your body needs during winter.
  2. Spice up the heat – Warming spices like ginger, cayenne, cumin and curry will definitely help and cinnamon, cloves and allspice are more subtle, but are great warming spices to add to recipes.  I also add some warming herbs such as ginger, to my juices and smoothies.
  3. Greens, Greens, Greens – Whereas fruits can be exceptionally cooling and cleansing, leafy greens are a little more grounding and satisfying – increase the amount of leafy grren vegetables in the winter.
  4. Warm up your plate – Prior to serving your meal, place your plate in the oven to keep nice and warm.
  5. Exercise – This is a great way to increase your metabolism and get your circulation working.
  6. Herbal Teas – If it’s a particularly cold, wintery day, it’s great to warm up by the fire with a comforting cup of your favourite herbal tea.
  7. Soups – Winter seasonal soups are nourishing and delicious! 
  8. Curries  – Try one (or two) of these delectable curries, sure to satisfy. 

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