Tofu - Silken by Earth Source 300g


Certified Organic

300gm - Easy-peel tub - delicate, creamy texture.

Earth Source Silken Tofu is made from 100% certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic soy beans sourced from Australian farms. We believe the superior quality of our supply ensures a naturally full flavoured, tastier and more nutritious Tofu. Our specially selected growers follow Biodynamic farming principals to produce the healthiest, freshest, most nutrient-rich soy beans available.

Fine and creamy, ESF Silken Tofu comes to life when spooned into soups, playfully tossed through delicate stir-fries or drizzled with marinade. Consider it for vegan mayo, smoothies or in a tempura batter.

Ingredients: Certified Demeter BioDynamic Soybeans, sea salt, magnesium chloride, filtered water.

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