MOJO Kombucha is a natural, lightly sparkling living health drink. It begins with tea, which is then brewed, based on the recipe of an ancient handmade elixir that is created by a unique fermentation recipe. Kombucha is wonderful for the health of your gut, and said to assist in balancing the mind, the body and the spirit.

All MOJO Kombucha has probiotic bacteria that survives the journey from mouth to stomach and reaches your intestines as a living probiotic.  In fact it survives 10 x more effectively than yoghurt cultures! From there it is able to support digestive and immune health by producing L+ Lactic acid.  This supports the good bacteria already living in the gut and displaces any harmful organisms.
Enjoy MOJO Kombucha with the assurance that you are getting probiotics into your gut where it matters the most!
MOJO Turmeric Trio is truly enlightening! A perfect combination of Turmeric, Carrot and Ginger paired with black pepper to ensure absorption.
Organic turmeric is activated with pepper and then paired with organic carrot and organic ginger to form the amazing Turmeric Trio kombucha.  A powerful trio to nurture your body, mind and soul. Enjoy daily to help restore and re-balance.

MOJO Strawberry Hibiscus – a subtle and refreshing blend of organic strawberries and hibiscus.

Juicy organic Australian strawberries are paired with refreshing organic hibiscus flowers to seduce your taste buds!  Strawberries not only taste sensational, they are jam packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants!  Hibiscus flower has been used to support respiratory health, to maintain blood pressure and maintain cholesterol levels, reduce cravings, helps with digestion and is an antioxidant powerhouse too!  That’s why we’ve added Strawberry and Hibiscus to Mojo – it’s the perfect duo for health and vitality.

Must be kept refrigerated.
Made in Australia

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