Chocolate - Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry Vanilla 45gm

Certified Organic

Pana Chocolate combines the finest raw, wild crafted and organic ingredients to produce a delicious, smooth textured chocolate.

Ingredients: Cacao solids 60% min (cacao butter & cacao powder), coconut nectar, coconut oil, sour cherries (14%), carob, vanilla beans (1%), cinnamon, Himalayan crystal salt.

Chocolate base recipe contains:

  • cacao solids

  • cacao butter

  • agave nectar

  • cacao powder

  • coconut oil

  • wild carob

  • cinnamon

  • himalayan crystal salt

Raw cacao is now recognised as a super food due its high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

When processed at high temperatures as is common in most chocolate, its nutrient value is significantly reduced and it becomes highly acidic when ingested.

Our Chocolates are prepared using aconsistently low temperature to preserve the natural occurring nutrients and antioxidants. This also prevents the build up of acid in the body.

Our chocolate is sweetened with natural Agave nectar which is a naturally low GI sweetener.

The whole process from start to finish is completed by hand, made with love using only the best ingredients from organic sources to pure wild crafted essential oils such as orange, tangerine, rose and peppermint.

The essential oils bring a beautiful frequency and their own highly therapeutic health benefits to the chocolate.

How it's made?

  1. Cacao grown in organic environment

  2. Cacao pods harvested

  3. The cacao gets processed into the key components for the chocolate - cacao solids, cacao butter and cacao powder

  4. Ingredients are packaged and stored

  5. Raw ingredients are dispatched to Australia …

  6. … where they arrive at the Conscious Chocolate kitchen

  7. Ingredients are weighed and proportioned

  8. The wet ingredients are then slowly melted, never going above 42°c in order to maintain high nutrient levels

  9. The dry ingredients and natural flavours like Goji berries or peppermint oil are added

  10. Everything is then mixed by hand …

  11. … and poured into moulds

  12. The chocolate is then set in the refrigerator,

  13. and packaged and ready to be enjoyed.

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