Chocolate - Loving Earth Hazelnut Chocolate Butter 80g

Certified Organic

Loving Earth works with a range of small producer communities around the world to source only the best healthy, sustainable & fair ingredients. And then lovingly package or process them whilst always endeavouring to maintain the optimal level of nutrients in the finished product right here in Melbourne. 

This raw chocolate contains no cane sugar or dairy and is suitable for vegans, it is essentially uncooked, unprocessed chocolate in its pure rich essential form sweetened with agave syrup (a natural low GI sweetener). It is a wickedly decadent healthy treat. The cacao beans are not roasted and this means that their wealth of phytonutrients are fully intact.

Gluten Free    Vegan    Dairy Free    Cane Sugar Free    Low GI    Fair Trade

Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Fair Trade Organic Virgin Cacao Butter, Organic Coconut, Organic Raw Cacao Beans, Wildcrafted Gubinge, Organic Mandarin Essential Oil (<1%), Organic Cardamom.

Made in Melbourne

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