Cereal - Organic Muesli by Zeally Bay 750gm

Certified Organic

Zeally Bay Organic Muesli with Buckwheat and Linseed

  • Certified Organic rolled oats
  • Biodynamic sultanas
  • Certified Organic currants
  • Certified Organic walnuts/almonds
  • Certified Organic apricots
  • Certified Organic ‘rolled gold’ linseed
  • Certified Organic buckwheat kernels
Zeally Bay Sourdough (ZBS) is a fully certified organic wholefood bakery established in Torquay in 2007. Family owned and source (directly from farms where possible) only premium organic and biodynamic ingredients. All of the ingredients have been grown in healthy soils, free of pesticides and herbicides and from non-GMO seeds. Since 1981 at Wholefoods Kitchen Geelong, we’ve made and baked nourishing and delicious food that’s environmentally sound and enhances health. ZBS Muesli has an elegant simplicity, made fresh in small batches by hand, and by the principle of ‘less is more’, it is a carefully crafted and well balanced combination of just the very best fresh certified organic ingredients.The oats are soft, smooth and creamy with a lovely hearty natural grain flavour. Our organic fruit is succulent and full flavoured and the addition of buckwheat seed and ‘rolled gold’ linseed give and extra nutritional boost and nutty crunch. Great with fresh fruit, yoghurt and milk or milk-alternative such as rice or almond milk.

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