Similar Alternative Examples

Seasonal organics aren't always available at the markets, or the quality may not be high enough for purchase, so we offer our Similar Alternative service so you can still have a full order of super fresh organics! 

Apples - Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady, Johnathon, Golden Delicious, grannies
Beetroot - Bunch, Loose, Baby
Cabbage - Red, Green, Savoy
Carrots - Dutch Carrots, Carrots, Purple
Cucumber - Lebanese, English
Grapefruit - Yellow, Pink
Grapes - Green Seedless, Red Seedless
Kiwifruit - Green, Gold
Lettuce - Green Frilly, Iceberg, Cos, Loose Salad
Oranges - Tangelos
Pears - Nashi, Green, Brown, Buerre Bosc
Potatoes - Sebago, Dutch Cream, Red
Pumpkin - Butternut or Japanese
Silverbeet - Green, Rainbow
Spinach - Spinach Bunch, Loose Spinach, Punnet of Baby Spinach
Tomatoes - Roma, Gourmet


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