Certified Organic

Wodonga Park Certified Organic Macadamia Nuts - Seriously irresistible!

They're biodynamically grown, with no chemical contamination at any stage, from the soil right through to processing, farming practices incorporate natural fertilisers, bio-dynamic preparations and natural remedies to enhance product quality.

Wodonga Park Macadamia nuts - honey roasted 150gm - Ingredients: Organic (BD) certified raw macadamia nuts, organic certified honey, organic certified sugar, corn and/or flour, salt.

Wodonga Park Macadamia nuts - salted and toasted 150gm - Ingredients: Organic (BD) certified raw macadamia nuts, salt. Gluten Free.

Wodonga Park Macadamia nuts - raw 150gm - Ingredients: 100% Organic (BD) certified raw macadamia nuts. Gluten Free.

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