Herbs, blends & spices by Blossom

We have a divine selection for you from Blossom’s Organics. Whilst they are not certified organic, they are made with certified organic herbs and spices. Included here for there exquisite & wonderful aromatic additions to your kitchen. 

These products are organically grown and have intense flavour. Keep air tight to retain freshness - Remember - A little goes a long way, really! 

This selection has No Salt, except for the Dukkah and all are Gluten Free too.

No additives, MSG, salt, sugar or preservatives. 

Chai Blend 100gm - All you need to do is add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Blossom’s Chai Tea Blend per cup of water and milk or soymilk (your preference). Bring to near boiling point and simmer for a couple minutes to release fragrances.

Dukkah 120gm -  Great for dipping breads into olive oils with balsamic vinegar. Or try it sprinkled onto sandwiches and salads or add crumbs for battering.

Garam Marsala 80gm - Excellent to help create Rogan Josh or Pilau or any mild marinade you fancy!

Italian Blend 80gm -  Sprinkle onto pizza, add to your pasta sauces or start a sauce from scratch, either way you will add a new depth with this blend.

Madras Blend Mild 100gm -  Exquisite flavours of herbs and spices. Mild for those who don’t like their curry too hot.

Mex Mix 80gm - For tacos, rice, veggies, legumes or soups. Truly a kitchen staple.

Moroccan Blend 100gm - Wonderful for Tagine Cooking or Slow Cookers. You only need a tablespoon or so. Mmmmm. Made with 16 ingredients giving a depth and different levels of spice, herbs and floral flavours.

Savoury Sprinkle Seeds 150gm - Brings a new dimension to a green salad. Sprinkle on any meal - cooked seafood especially Salmon, baked potatoes, tofu or vegetables. Great in Sandwiches. So versatile!

Vandouvan French Curry 100gm - Has a slightly sweet smokey & tantalising flavour. Perfect for curries and also as a garnish too. 

Remember, a little goes a long way!

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