Tofu - Silken by Earth Source $5.99

Certified Organic


All Earth Source Tofu made from 100% certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic soy beans sourced from Australian farms.

A natural plant-based food made from soybeans, tofu is a powerful culinary performer that has been celebrated in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines for more than 2,000 years. It resembles a soft block of cheese in both consistency and appearance but has an absorbency and pleasant clean taste that allows it to come alive when coupled with sauces, seasoning, marinades and spices.

Easy to digest and a nutritious source of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, tofu is a highly sought after food for those actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Earth Source Tofu is 100% Australian food – Australian-owned, farmed, produced and created. This is paramount to the excellence of our tofu because we control and verify everything that goes into the tofu, as well as its handling, from soil to shelf.
At the heart and soul of our tofu are the very best organic soybeans (no GMOs or preservatives). Given soybeans are the hero of tofu, it all comes down to a very delicate process of hot extraction to create premium soy milk then the addition of natural firming agents to form tofu with appealing colour and texture in a variety of soft to firm styles.


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