Our Mixed Boxes are generous, full of variety.

Summer Cleanse Box

Seasonal organic fruits and veggies for super healthy and delicious juices and raw salads and greens for a super healthy detox.

This box is a beauty! Full of greens for salads and juicing as well as the intense flavours of mint, ginger and lemon to make everything taste fresh and to detox your body for summer! 

Avocado x 1

Juicing Apples x 2kg

Juicing Carrots x 2kg

Beetroot x 2

Cabbage 1/2

Celery Bunch x 1

Fennel Bunch x 1

Fresh Mint Bunch x 1

Ginger x 150g

Kale Bunch x 1

Lemons or Limes x 2

Lettuce x 1

Oranges x 4

Silverbeet Bunch x 1

Spinach Bunch x 1

Watermelon 1-1.5kg

This list is a guide as the box may contain a slightly different variety depending on weather, farmers, market, availability, best quality, food miles... we do our best! 100% Certified Organic.

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