Berry Banana Bread Breakfast


2 eggs

4 bananas

8 slices of bread thick sliced if possible

2 cups of mixed berries (fresh &/or frozen is fine) if you use fresh save a few extra for garnishing


Pulverise eggs & 2 bananas together & pour into a flatish bowl (yes, that's a word now!). 

Soak each piece of bread in the eggy banana for about 20 seconds & then pop into a mildly hot pan.

Once you have 4 slices in the pan for a minute flip them over & pour the berries onto the middle of each slice.

You might need another pan to start cooking the other 4 pieces (depending on the size of your pan & how creative you are!).

Once you have the second 4 pieces cooked on one side put the cooked side down on top of the berries & flip the whole thing over. You can do it! 

Cook gently for a couple of minutes. The berries will go a little jam like - mmmmm. Don't stress if some oozes out that just makes it more yummy at the end. 

Slice the other two bananas into the pan until they go a little soft. 

Place each one onto a plate & cut in half. Top with remaining bananas & strawberries, plus any saucy bits from the pan.

Add a drizzle of yoghurt (or thick cashew cream for us vegans) & agave/maple syrup & sprinkle with your favourite nuts/seeds or muesli. 

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